About Us
We are the manufacturers of:
All kinds of Road Safety Signs, Road Hazard Warning Lamps,
Road Cones, Road Distance Measurer, Convex Mirrors,
Plastic Barrier fencing.

Importer and Exporters of:
Road Safety Products, Road hazards Warning Lamps,
Road Cones, Reflectors, Revolving and Strobe Lights,
Batteries, Reflective Sheetings, Road Humps, Marker Posts,
Guardrail Reflectors, Reflective Belts and vests, Wheel Clamps,
Truck Mounted Attenuators, Cash Cushions, Flashing Arrow Boards,
Variable Message Signs, Underground Warning Tape and Mesh,
Road Marking Tapes, Distance Measures, Traffic Counters,
"Wet Floor" Signs, Plastic Barrier Fencing, Plastic Barrier System,
Water-Filled Barriers, Solar Signs and Studs, LED Light Wands,
Road Studs, Center Land Divider Markers.
WAH MENG ENTERPRISE PTE LTD, a wholly Singaporean ownership
company, was established in 1964.

Safety in road and land transportation is our core business.
With over 50 years’ establishment and success, we take great pride
in helping to transform and develop Singapore’s road safety into the
modern and international standards.

You can depend on our solid experience, products, services and
performance to satisfy your every need and expectation. We are your
most reliable partner in meeting the continual improvement of today’s
and the future standards of road and land transportation safety.